Master Brendan Mac an tSaoir

Calontir Seneschal

(Rik Scarborough)
(913) 735-5745
(Please no calls after 9:00pm.)


Wallet Green Clearance Fashion Coin Lovely Vintage 2018 Noopvan Handbags Hasp Pockets Women Wallet Style Owl Clutch Purse Small Bags Laws of the Kingdom of Calontir

As of the signing of the 14th Edition of Calontir Kingdom Law, there will be no more officially printed editions. Therefore, any conflict between a printed version and the most recent electronic version found on the Kingdom website will be decided in favor of the electronic version.

Kingdom Contact Information

Directory Listings

Kingdom Officers


Local Group ContacClutch Wallet Bags Vintage Pockets Hasp Green Style Handbags Fashion Coin Small 2018 Owl Women Lovely Noopvan Wallet Purse Clearance ts

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Wallet Noopvan Pockets Vintage 2018 Clearance Hasp Purse Coin Women Wallet Handbags Bags Lovely Green Fashion Owl Style Small Clutch North Regional Deputy

Mistress Esther bat Moshe

Baronies: Coeur d’Ennui, Lonely Tower, Mag Mor

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Axed Root, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill, No Mountain, Shadowdale

East Regional Deputy

Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata

Baronies: Three Rivers

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Amlesmore, Bellewode, Calanais Nuadh, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells,, , Oakheart, Standing Stones, Wyvern Cliffe

Contact Groups: Gryphon�s Mark - St. Charles, MO contact group

West Regional Deputy

Caitilín ingen Áengusa

Baronies: Forgotten Sea, Vatavia

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Aston Tor, Bois d’Arc, Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Cum an Iolair, Lost Moor, Moonstone, Spinning Winds, Westumbria

Contact Groups: Golden Sea

Women Green Wallet Coin Style Noopvan 2018 Pockets Vintage Hasp Owl Handbags Wallet Purse Small Bags Lovely Clearance Fashion Clutch Chatelaine

Honorable Lord Galen MacColmain
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Chatelaine’s page
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Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

Calontir Crown Tournament & Coronation Bid System
Kingdom Calendar
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Minister of Youth

Honorable Lady Victoria Sauvignon

Minister of Youth’s page

Coin Pockets Vintage Hasp Purse Small Wallet Style Handbags Wallet Bags Owl Noopvan Lovely Fashion 2018 Clutch Clearance Women Green Media Relations

Gravin Magdalena vander Meere
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Media Relations page

Social Media Deputy

Honorable Lady Katherine d'Arles
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Waiver Secretary

Honorable Lord Gunnar Thorisson

Lilies Committee Chair

Mistress Rebecca Beaumont

Lilies War Committee page
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Lilies Committee Intranet site (login required)

Handbooks & Forms


Waiver Forms

The new Combined Equestrian and Event Waiver forms below are to be used at any SCA event in which Equestrian activities are held or such animals are present. They include the standard event waiver language and will be signed by everyone attending the SCA event. Signing a second waiver is no longer necessary. Please use the appropriate form for your state.

Minor Waiver Forms

Event Planning & Gate Signage

To find the Gate Sign-In forms, visit the Exchequer's Page